Electron Tomography of Muscle Sarcomere

Laboratory of Pradeep Luther, PhD



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Here I am just noting down sites that I have connections with or that I have enjoyed visiting. 


Ken Taylor Lab, Florida State University

Molecular Contractility, Leeds University

Muscle Physiology, UCSD

Roger Craig Lab, Uni of Mass Med School, Worcester

The Myosin Homepage

Jun Liu Homepage

Padron Lab, IVIC, Venezuela

Hanspeter Winkler - Protomo Software

Hong Zou Lab, UCLA

Grant Jensen Lab, Caltech

Stephen Curry Lab, Imperial College London

Susan McConnell: Wildlife Photographer and Professor of Biology at Stanford

Dr Jastrow's Electron Microscope Atlas of Cells, Tissues and Organs

Boston University Histology Learning System

Excellent tutorial - what I recommend to 1st Year Medics


Martin Chaplin: Water Structure and Science

All you want to know about water and how high-pressure freezing works